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POLYFLEX-Technical Data Sheet

By  Last updated: 9th July 2013

POLYFLEX-Technical Data Sheet.

Polyflex is a white, premixed, polyurethane based flexible adhesive specially designed
for laying all types of tiles directly onto ASA approved polyurethane waterproofing membranes. Polyflex is suitable for most internal and external wall and
floor applications. Polyflex has excellent initial grab and long open time, making
it suitable for the tradesman or handyman. Polyflex is suitable for use in areas
specified in AS3958.1-1991 clauses;;;;;;;;;;;;;
• Bonds to ASA approved polyurethane membranes
• Internal and external application
• White
• Highly flexible and resilient
All substrates to be tiled must be firm, sound, clean, smooth, totally dry and be free from dust. All loose material,
curing compounds, and any contaminants or coatings likely to prevent the adhesive from bonding must be
removed. Building boards must be fi xed in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed directions. Waterproofi ng
membranes must have cured in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed directions. Cement render must be
allowed to cure for 7 days, and concrete for 28 days. Timber must be sanded to expose a clean surface. Substrates
which are not totally dry must be primed with ASA Dampfi x Moisture Seal. The ASA Dampfi x Moisture Seal
must have fully dried prior to application of the Polyflex.
Movement joints must be incorporated in the tile layout in accordance with AS3958.1-1991 clauses to 6.
All tiles or stone being laid must be totally dry prior to application. Apply Polyflex to the prepared substrate using
the appropriate notched trowel for the size of the tile being laid. Do not spread more than 1m² of Polyfl ex at a
time. Bed tiles into the adhesive before the adhesive skins over. When tiling wall surfaces, at least 85% of the
adhesive must be in contact with the tile and the substrate simultaneously. Floor tiles must be fully supported by
the adhesive with no voids or gaps underneath the tiles. The adhesive must not be disturbed for 24 hours (longer
in cooler conditions), after which time grouting can commence.
Use the appropriate ASA grout, allowing joint widths of 1.5mm to 6mm for walls and 3mm to 12mm for fl oors as
per AS3958.1-1991 clause 5.4.6.
Polyflex can be removed from the surface of the tiles using Bostik Handi-Clean Wipes while the adhesive is still
wet. Tools and equipment can be cleaned with Bostik Handi-Clean Wipes prior to adhesive drying.
15 litre metal pails
Using a 6mm x 6mm notched trowel 1 litre will cover approximately 1m² on a true fl at surface. Using a 12mm x
12mm notched trowel 1 litre will cover approximately 0.5m² on a true fl at surface.

Use in a well ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing vapours. If swallowed, seek
medical attention. To avoid personal contact it is advisable to wear gloves and use good occupational health and
safety practices. For more detailed information refer to product MSDS.
Unopened pails can be stored for up to 12 months in a cool, dry and weatherproof environment.
• Prevent contents from freezing
• Suitable for thin bed applications only (final bed of 4mm)
• Must not be used over water-based membranes or paint
• Substrate and tile or stone being laid must be totally dry prior to application or staining may occur.

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